Cupcake liner tag DIY

My kids like to do their own birthday and thank you cards. We have been experimenting with stamps, paint, markers… Recently we started using cupcake liners. Those things can be used in many other ways, will be posting more ideas soon.

I used a blank card which I got from Michaels, a cupcake liner, cupcake stamp,  a circle tag that I punched, and glue or glue sticks.

You mainly flatten the cupcake liner and glue the circle tag on top and then glue the whole thing onto the card. very quick and easy.

My daughter wanted to write on the circle tag but you can always print out the tags before you punch them, will look even neater. But I like the kids’ handwriting, it makes it more personal!

Keep creating memories!!! Josiane




Shrinkydinks necklace!!!

Last year we did a lot of projects with ShrinkaDinks. For those of you who haven’t heard about ShrinkaDinks, they are sheets of special paper that you decorate and then bake. Once baked they shrink and become hard and you can use them as charms for necklaces, bracelets, you can even do bookmarks , signs etc.
Since last year we kind of forgot about them and haven’t done a project since. But it wasn’t until I saw one of my friends wearing a necklace, made from ShrinkaDinks, by her kids that I remembered how fun it was plus I loved the idea of wearing a charm on my necklace made by my kids. So I bought the ShrinkaDinks ( from amazon, but could be found at target or michaels) and got the kids engaged in them again and loved the outcome:) got my small personalized necklace charm out of it;). My kids’ friends were here too and they all just loved it and specially that they were doing personalized charms for their mom and friends.
We printed out templates too, the girls wanted to create their own designs but the boys just wanted their designs from the templates. And the best part was watching the charms shrink in the oven which only takes about 2 minutes.
Hope you get to try them they are a fun project to do! Hope you create this memory;) Josiane



Quick and easy snack

Having 4 kids, with ages ranging from 1 to 9 years,  I am always on the lookout for new and easy recipes. My kids love to bake and cook with me.  I love the fact they are into cooking and baking but as you all know it doesn’t always end up being a nice experience. So what makes it a good experience is if the recipe is a short and easy one, specially when you have kids under the age of five. Their attention spam is short and by the time you finish reading the recipe they are all over the place. So here is an easy one that you can prepare in few minutes and keep them involved.

4 oz grated cheese
3 Tbsp soft butter or margarine
3/4 cup unbleached flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 425F. Blend cheese and butter into dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix to form stiff dough, adding drops of cold water if too dry. Shape into small balls and place on a greased baking tray. Bake for 12 minutes or until golden brown. Yield 12-18 balls.

Note: This dough can be used to make cheese straws or twists. Put dough into a pastry tube to make straws. To make twists, roll out dough, cut into narrow strips and twist before baking.

Bon Appetit!! Josiane


Sunshine Award


We have been nominated for the sunshine award! Thank you Tracey! Please check her Blog Trace In The Kitchen!

The Rules:

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My Nominees:

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1. Favorite color: Blue

2. Favorite animal:  dog

3. Favorite number: 6

4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink:  My Irish instant coffee

5. Favorite Alcoholic drink: Long Island

6. Favorite facebook or twitter:  FB

7. My Passions: Gardening, crafts, reading

8. Giving or receiving gifts: giving

9. Favorite city: Rome

10. Favorite TV show: Currently Touch

Wrap it!!

I was browsing through the blogs I follow and came up upon a neat idea for wrapping cookies at One Charming Party and it can in use today. My daughter had her friend over and we did marshmallow and rice crispy treats. Her friend wanted to save a piece for her mom. So we decided instead of just giving it to her in a ziplock, we were going to wrap it up in a small package. So we got a card stock paper ( could be any colored paper), a parchment paper, tape ( I used my washi tape), and a small tag that we cut using a puncher.

I put the treat on the parchment paper then on top of the card stock. I folded it like an envelope, taped it and added the small tag on top.

Create memories !! ( Josiane )






Mother’s Day tradition

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there!!!

It is never too late to start a Mother’s Day tradition if you don’t have one already. In our family we have two. I did not inherit these traditions but started it after I had my kids, actually after few  years of having my first child.

The first idea, consists of questions that I ask them every year. After they answer them we look back and compare the answers from years before. It is a fun and precious time. We laugh at their answers but also realize how they have grown. I am attaching a sample of the questions here ( interviewkidsSample) , in case any of you would like to start it. You can always add your own questions. I took these questions from a friend who did it with her family. I likes the idea and made it a Mother’s day event.

The second idea ( which I already posted in March on our facebook page but will post it again) I started in 2007 after my best friend Rindala told me that she does this with her kids for mother’s day. I loved the idea and started doing it for mine. So now it is a tradition, each year we go to Petroglyph ( ceramic lounge), we use 4×4 ceramic tiles and the kids draw whatever they want on it. When they were babies I did their hand prints and then as you can see in the picture it developed into scribbles and then little by little the drawing got clearer. I still prefer the scribbles;) My kids love it and they love looking at their drawings. Each year before we go to Petroglyph we take them out and look at them.
I am still not sure what to do with the tiles yet, but there are a lot of nice ideas, could be a table, a big frame, a wall covering, a fireplace background etc…. For now I am keeping them in a safe place until I decide, with four kids I still have a long way to go:)
If you do not have a ceramic place like Petroglyph, you can always use this method.