Father’s day

I think I was kidding myself thinking I will be able to post everyday once the kids are off school. We did do a couple of projects but for now I will post the one we did for father’s day. I wish I posted it earlier but to be honest I did not have time. So here is what we did, I saw two ideas on Pinterest and kind of combined them together.

*The First idea is to take a picture of the kids holding a Frame or a paper ( you can get as creative as you want to be) with a “U” is —— ” written on it and you fill in the blank with what you want to write. And no “is” is not a spelling mistake because it stands for Dad.

*The second idea is to take footprints of your kids on a paper and then trace it on a shrinky dink, color it ,shrink it and attach it to a cardstock with the poem glued on it( I will paste the poem at the bottom) with a keychain.(We did not do the keychain but I took a picture of how it will look like ).

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 5

photo 4

*So What I did is I bought a frame that had 6 individual pop up frames in it. I have four kids. I added the pictures of my four kids holding the “U is—-” picture, in one frame I added the shrinky dinks footprints and in the last frame I added
the poem.

-Keep Creating Memories – Josiane

photo (3)

“My Footprint is small but getting bigger everyday,
I am learning how to be big by watching you work, love and play.
Remember when your days are long and you can’t walk another mile,
That this little footprint makes it all worthwhile.”


Flip Flop Fun!!!

Summer vacation officially started today for our family!!! I am so excited and looking forward to do some more projects with the kids. During the school year I have to sneak in the projects between homework and activities. At least now we do not have to stress about it.
So last week I went to Michaels to kind of stock up on few material for the projects and they had their flip flops on sale for $0.99. ( They might still have them now). I remember seeing a DIY flip flop on Pinterest using only flip flop and ribbon or fabric. So I grabbed one flip flop of each color along with some ribbon.
All you have to do is cut the ribbon or cut strips of fabric and tie it with a double knot along the flip flop straps. You can also add a flower in the middle.
It is a very easy and quick project.
Keep creating – Josiane


Shrinkydinks necklace!!!

Last year we did a lot of projects with ShrinkaDinks. For those of you who haven’t heard about ShrinkaDinks, they are sheets of special paper that you decorate and then bake. Once baked they shrink and become hard and you can use them as charms for necklaces, bracelets, you can even do bookmarks , signs etc.
Since last year we kind of forgot about them and haven’t done a project since. But it wasn’t until I saw one of my friends wearing a necklace, made from ShrinkaDinks, by her kids that I remembered how fun it was plus I loved the idea of wearing a charm on my necklace made by my kids. So I bought the ShrinkaDinks ( from amazon, but could be found at target or michaels) and got the kids engaged in them again and loved the outcome:) got my small personalized necklace charm out of it;). My kids’ friends were here too and they all just loved it and specially that they were doing personalized charms for their mom and friends.
We printed out templates too, the girls wanted to create their own designs but the boys just wanted their designs from the templates. And the best part was watching the charms shrink in the oven which only takes about 2 minutes.
Hope you get to try them they are a fun project to do! Hope you create this memory;) Josiane



Wrap it!!

I was browsing through the blogs I follow and came up upon a neat idea for wrapping cookies at One Charming Party and it can in use today. My daughter had her friend over and we did marshmallow and rice crispy treats. Her friend wanted to save a piece for her mom. So we decided instead of just giving it to her in a ziplock, we were going to wrap it up in a small package. So we got a card stock paper ( could be any colored paper), a parchment paper, tape ( I used my washi tape), and a small tag that we cut using a puncher.

I put the treat on the parchment paper then on top of the card stock. I folded it like an envelope, taped it and added the small tag on top.

Create memories !! ( Josiane )






Podgeable paper project

I bought those podgeable papers at Michaels last week along with a $2 frame ( not wooden but from thick craft paper). Today my daughter and I decorated the frame and it was so easy to do. All you have to do is choose the design you want from the podgeable paper and add Mod Podge to it and stick it on the surface you have. We used different designs and at the end we cutout a flower and added it as a second layer. The nice thing is you can add as much layers as you want as long as you let each layer dry out before you add another one.
After we were done, we sealed the whole frame by adding a coat of Mod Podge on top. You can stick the papers on any wooden material and even on glass.
Happy crafting!! (Josiane)








Washi tape, my new addiction

I just love new easy crafty ideas. I only discovered Washi tapes recently, while browsing for ideas for my son’s first communion favors. Basically they are just tap like masking tape but much much thinner and they have designs on them. Great for tag designs, gift packaging, scrapbooks and much much more. My kids are using them to decorate thank you cards and birthday cards. You can find them on Etsy or on Amazon or even at Michaels. If you want more ideas just leave a comment and I can send you direct links. (Josiane)




Last two picture  are from my son’s First Communion favors and decoration. I used washi tapes for the packaging