We love love apples in our family. My youngest son eats at least three apples a day. Last year he was still in preschool and I had to pack lunch and snack for him. Everyday he would ask for the same snack which was apples of course. But when he came home the apples where untouched. He then told me that he does not like it when the cut apples turn brown. I tried squeezing lemon juice, since the citric acid keeps the apple from turning brown but then the taste changed and still he did not eat it. Finally I started putting the apple as it is in his lunch box. The only thing was that it barely fit with all the other boxes in there so sometimes I could not close his lunchbox all the way through.
This year he is in kindergarten and at his school they have squirrel problems so his lunchbox has to close all the way or the little hungry squirrels will eat his lunch. While researching I found out (again on the website momables) that if you use the product Eat Cleaner to keep the apples from browning. Eat Cleaner is an all-natural, tasteless and odorless produce and food cleaner.  Because it has citric acid in it, it also keeps produce and fruit from browning! This is a 2 in 1 product: you can clean your produce from nasty pesticides, waxes and dirt (even organic!) and use it to keep the food fresh.
So I just ordered a bottle and will see how turns out!  anything to keep apples in the lunchbox:)



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