End-of-year teacher plant/gift

As this school year so quickly comes to an end, I found myself looking for quick and easy gift ideas for the teachers. I love to plant and I also love personalized gifts. Teachers so often go unnoticed for all the very hard work they do. They leave an impression with our children that will be remembered for a lifetime. I came across an idea for a small plant to give to the teachers, it wasn’t so much the plant that I liked as much as it was what it said on the attachment.

I bought small vases from Dollar Tree (they have all shapes and different sizes). I also bought a couple bags of glass pebbles (you can also buy the decorative rocks). I have an abundance of nice succulents, so I didn’t need to buy any plants. If you don’t have plants, you can buy the 1-2 inch pots at your local nursery. You also need potting soil. I first filled the bottom, about 1/4 of the way up with pebbles, then I added potting soil. I poked the plants in and then pressed them down into the soil so they were all snug in the dirt. I watered it a little, but only enough to get it started. Since there is no drainage, the soil of this plant will need to completely dry before watering it again.

After I planted the plant, I found a ribbon I liked. I hot glued it around the pot. I had some unfinished wood plaques I bought from a craft store that I painted to match. Once the paint dried, I wrote this on the plaque “It is not so much what is poured into a student, but what is planted by the teacher that really counts.” I love that! Of course you can write anything on this, but that really sold me. I can’t wait for my kids to hand these to their teachers, as special as they are!





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