Cherry picking… a Memorial weekend tradition

We never had a Memorial weekend tradition but it just happened that the past two years, we went Cherry picking during Memorial weekend. So this year my husband suggested we try and make it a tradition each year. The only thing that we were worried about was the horrible traffic we hit going there, and even the traffic at the cherry picking place.
So we decided to go on Friday instead. It worked great since my kids were off on that Friday. We also decided to try a new place, Nunn Better Farms in Brentwood, CA. We heard great reviews and I am so happy we went there, most of the trees had low branches. It was very easy for my kids to pick up the cherries. They went crazy picking, they picked 12 lbs!!!









Now that we picked the cherries and spend only 20 minutes at the farm, we were not ready to go back home. It took us around an hour to get there. So we decided to go to a park we discovered 2 years ago, The Veteran Park. We spent around 2 hours there. There was a new play area for the kids that was not there the last time we visited. They loved the new play structure!



My son had a rocket that flies when you add Baking soda and vinegar to it, and he wanted to try it for the first time. I thought it would be a very easy activity, but after 5 trials we gave up. I thought he would be disappointed but he enjoyed the trial so much and we laughed so hard that by the end of it we were just satisfied by the time we spend.
I could say we had a great time and looking forward for next year!

If you live in or near the Bay Area, Nunn Better Farm is a great place to go to for Cherry picking. If you don’t like cherries, there is a lot of other fruits you can pick. Just make sure you have cash because they do not accept anything else.







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