My Daughter’s hair donation

My daughter has been wanting to cut her hair for a while now, but whenever we got close to the day she backed off and changed her mind. It was a hard decision for her. But when she saw a friend of hers donate her hair to “Locks of Love”, she told me ” Mom I think this is what I want to do, I want to donate my hair and I am sure”. At the start my heart sunk, to tell you the truth, I love her long hair but I was touched by her decision and selflessness. So I went online and researched Locks of Love, I found out they needed a minimum of 10 inches of hair. So I measured her hair and it was barely enough. I knew the charity was very strict regarding the length. I told my daughter ” your hair might not be enough unless we go short all the way”. Her eyes went teary, she said I really want to donate my hair but I am scared to have it short like a boy. She paused a moment and said, “that is ok mom it will grow fast”, but could feel a bit of sadness in her voice. I went back online and researched more to see if there was any company that would take 8 inches, which is how much my daughter could cut without it being extremely short. I finally found on Oprah’s website a link to “Pantene Beautiful Lengths”, they donate the hair to people affected by hair loss from cancer.
I called my friend Suzi, a hair expert, and asked her to help us with the haircut. Today we met and my daughter was super excited but could feel she was a bit nervous. After the haircut, she was so happy and I think she loves her new haircut. So proud of my daughter and her selfless decision. Love her new look:)

Make a difference – Josiane







One thought on “My Daughter’s hair donation

  1. I loved the idea , god bless you

    It is always great to have a strong hart
    & good decisions
    You was so courageous to cut your hair
    Lets all think doing the same

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