Mother’s Day tradition

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there!!!

It is never too late to start a Mother’s Day tradition if you don’t have one already. In our family we have two. I did not inherit these traditions but started it after I had my kids, actually after few  years of having my first child.

The first idea, consists of questions that I ask them every year. After they answer them we look back and compare the answers from years before. It is a fun and precious time. We laugh at their answers but also realize how they have grown. I am attaching a sample of the questions here ( interviewkidsSample) , in case any of you would like to start it. You can always add your own questions. I took these questions from a friend who did it with her family. I likes the idea and made it a Mother’s day event.

The second idea ( which I already posted in March on our facebook page but will post it again) I started in 2007 after my best friend Rindala told me that she does this with her kids for mother’s day. I loved the idea and started doing it for mine. So now it is a tradition, each year we go to Petroglyph ( ceramic lounge), we use 4×4 ceramic tiles and the kids draw whatever they want on it. When they were babies I did their hand prints and then as you can see in the picture it developed into scribbles and then little by little the drawing got clearer. I still prefer the scribbles;) My kids love it and they love looking at their drawings. Each year before we go to Petroglyph we take them out and look at them.
I am still not sure what to do with the tiles yet, but there are a lot of nice ideas, could be a table, a big frame, a wall covering, a fireplace background etc…. For now I am keeping them in a safe place until I decide, with four kids I still have a long way to go:)
If you do not have a ceramic place like Petroglyph, you can always use this method.



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